How to Measure for Outdoor Cushions

Why is it Important?

Although modern outdoor cushions have been manufactured to withstand a significant amount of wear and tear, there are still times when their covers will need to be replaced.  Or, perhaps you are simply looking to adopt a new ambiance within your garden.  

In either of these situations, it is important to know how to properly measure the fabric so that it can be fitted accurately.  Let us quickly examine this process in a bit more detail.

Front-to-Back Measurements

First, determine the length between the front and back seams.  This sum will then need to be doubled (in order to take into account both sides) before adding an extra inch.

The inclusion of an additional inch will provide you with leeway when sewing the seams of outdoor bench cushions.

Side-to-Side Measurements

You will next need to measure the distance between the left and right side seams.  This is essentially the exact same process that was mentioned in the previous section.  As before, include an extra inch so that you can address the seams in the future.

Taking the Height (Thickness) Into Account

The final step involves measuring the height (thickness) of the cushion.  Multiply both the width and depth of the cushion by a factor of two before adding an extra two inches in order to accommodate for the new seams that will need to be sewed.  

After determining the height, you will have all three of the necessary dimensions that are required in order to understand how much fabric is required.

On a side note, always be sure to leave room for the seams.  While removing a bit of extra fabric is generally straightforward, coming up short will require you to repeat the steps mentioned above and you could very well waste valuable fabric.

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