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Outdoor Seat Pads

Comfortable and Customised Outdoor Seat Pads

Outdoor seat pads make the whole difference between a comfortable seat and any other seat. You might have a leather chair or a bench facing beautiful scenes such as a forest, a lake or a flower garden. However, these details become irrelevant if you cannot sit on the chair or bench without your back or derriere taking a hit. At Foam and Covers, we understand the need for comfortable seats and outdoor seating. With the experience of almost three decades in upholstery, we can provide the solutions you seek.

Here, at Foam and Covers, we have a collection of bench seat pads for outdoor chairs and seating. We excel where it matters most at ensuring the durability of our pillows and cushions supplied. Our hundreds of fabric options and affordable price ranges means we can match your outdoor seat pads to your individual needs.

At Foam and Covers, we use solution-dyed acrylics for outdoor fabrics. They are stain and fading resistant which guarantees the durability of the pads.

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Outdoor Bench
Seat Pads

Bench Seat Pads for Comfort

Benches should be as comfortable as possible because of their multipurpose nature. Bench cushions make them siesta–friendly, in case you need to take a nap outdoors. Bench seat pads also take away pressure when sitting on that can make flat hard benches uncomfortable.

We at Foam and Covers provide comfortable pads for outdoor as well as indoor seats. Whether you need just comfort or an elegant, luxurious look to complement the warmth, we have it.

Customised Pads

In spite of our extensive collection of standard shapes and styles, we also believe in supplying customised pads. We create pads for chairs, and other types of seats cover depending on a customer’s tastes and preference. One can choose from our hundreds of fabrics options and our different filling types. Additionally, we let our clients select the patterns and colours they need on their outdoor seats. We have both traditional and trending patterns, stripes and solids.

Different Shapes and Styles

We provide outdoor seat pads in all the different standard shapes. From standard rectangular, square pads, trapezoid to the more round-cornered pads. Foam and Covers also create custom-shaped pads for chairs with unique shapes or furnishings.

We advise our customers to confirm the shape of their chair before making a purchase order. In most cases, seats and chairs that seem rectangular or square are trapezoids. We also consider the measurement of the bench or seat as the determinant of the shape of the pad. Using the details of the old pad is misleading as the fabrics might have flattened out or stretched.

Pad Thickness

The most popular seat pad thickness is 2 inches. However, the decision depends on personal preference. Consequently, we let our customers decide on the thickness they desire for their outdoor seat pads. Nonetheless, the thicker the pad, the more comfortable it is.

The comfort of your seats, whether indoor or outdoor, is vital to us. We can tailor seat pads and cushions to suit any shape and size, thanks to our experience and extensive fabric collection. Contact us today on 0161 327 0121 or send us an email inquiry for comfortable and durable pads for your home seats, waiting-benches, backyard benches, or any seat upholstery.