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Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor Cushions

Done the Right Way!

Order outdoor cushion covers from Foam and Covers to suit your needs. The outdoors are fun, loving and full of colour every season. However, outdated or worn out benches can spoil the beautiful ambiance set for your home. Instead of getting rid of them, a change of fabric and some extra padding can go a long way in uplifting the general look of your deck seats. That’s what Foam and Covers are here for!

Outdoor Cushions

What to Expect

We upholster bench seats by either adding new cushion fillings or simply changing the covers into a different fabric or print. Our bench cushion padding can range from extra squishy for maximum comfort to high-density foam for extra life. We also have excellent throw pillows for more comfort when leaning on the hardwood bench backs.

Foam and Covers has a wide array of cushion fabrics for every consumer taste. If going for a custom look on your bench padding, we are glad to customise everything to your liking, right from the fabric to the print and colour.

Our cushion covers are not necessarily restricted to the typical findings. We can create covers to every spec and specification of your bench padding shape and size. Our offered cushion covers are super easy to install and remove when needed. They can be regularly washed and won’t lose their colour.

Our open air bench cushions are sturdy and sure to last. As for the throw pillows, we go extra soft for that snow white feel.

What We Do

Foam and Covers will give you that refreshing new look you solely desire. Our outdoor cushions bring out the style and comfort shared within your living room walls. They can uplift an odd looking patio bench into something more luxurious and dainty. With the assistance of their colourful patterns and seamless designs, you can form a whole new atmosphere.

Most of our outdoor cushions have removable and washable covers that are also weather resistant for a long-lasting experience. Feel free to contact us for a quote. We are glad to coordinate with you.

Why Try Our Outdoor Bench Cushions

We take the old and grey and mix it with a splurge of colour, fun, and authenticity for a transformed look on your outdoor bench cushions. Our goal is to bring out your style and blend it well with comfort.

As Foam and Covers, we pay keen interest to your wants and needs to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. As fabric experts, we advise you on what works best, how to play around with fabric and stuffing to achieve the most outstanding look on your outdoor benches.

Our outdoor bench cushions are made of quality fabric and foam and available at a reasonable price. We are also flexible to customising cushion seats to your desired test but at an extra cost.

Contact Us

If you are in the business for making a change to your patio seats and don’t want to spend much upholstering, try out our outdoor bench cushions and see the difference. You can also choose from our range of cushion pads, other bespoke cushions and custom fabrics. Contact us today on 0161 327 0121 or email for an in-house quote.