Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have samples of all your fabrics?

While we do stock many fabrics, we are a bespoke service and order all fabrics in as needed.

Do you have a shop?

We do not have a shop but you can visit out warehouse during our opening hours, browse from a selection of swatches we have in-house and see the different types of foam and covers we offer.

How long is my quote valid for?

We can hold the price of quotes for 30 days, allowing you time to deliberate on your options.

Can I use multiple discounts?

No, discount stacking is not possible. If you apply for the NHS discount, this doesn't come in addition to any sale or alternative discount.

What is polyester wadding and is it worth adding to my cushion?

Polyester wadding is a soft, quilted sheet that wraps around the foam. It is highly recommended if you would prefer a more curved look on your cushion rather than completely square edges. It also adds a bit of extra comfort to your cushions and prevents creasing by filling out the cover.

I want to refill my cushions but I'm not confident with putting the covers on myself. Can I send them to you?

Yes, you can send the covers to us. We charge £5 per cover to fit the cushions into the covers for you and send them back to you as the finished article.

Is there a discount if I purchase more than one cushion?

When we're not running a general sale on all products, we offer a 5% discount off the total if 3 or more cushions are purchased.

Can I visit you?

You can visit our warehouse any time from 8am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Do you recover sofas?

We do not currently offer this surface, we can only provide custom removable cushions and covers.

Do all cushions come with piping?

No, piping is a premium, optional extra that we do not include by default.

How long is the dispatch time usually?

Our dispatch time varies depending on demand, currently we tend to give between 5-6 weeks as we're in the high season. We also offer a fast-track service for an additional fee. (Subject to demand)

Can I use my own fabric?

You can use your own fabric, that's not a problem for us – we only ask that you ensure your chosen fabric is suitable for upholstery and is at least 135cm wide.

Do you sell outdoor cushions? Are they fully waterproof?

While our outdoor fabrics are waterproof, once they've been sewn through there will be a chance of small drops of water entering through the seams. You can see our outdoor fabric ranges here.

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