The Ideal Filling choice for Seat Cushions

Cushions are all about providing an extra sense of comfort.  This is due in large part to the type of filling that will be employed.

The issue here is that there are a handful of substances that can be chosen and some are more effective than others.  

What do many feel is the best material to be used and what are some of its physical properties to keep in mind?  If you plan on making cushions from scratch, the information found below should never be overlooked.

Lightweight and Able to Handle Physical Stress Over Time

Whether referring to outdoor requirements such as those associated with garden seat cushions or indoor uses, the experts agree that foam tends to be the filling of choice.  Why is this the case? First and foremost, it is extremely cheap to produce and chemicals can be added to avert issues such as mould (important when dealing with higher levels of moisture).  However, the other main advantage of foam is that it can be manufactured in different densities.  

The density of the filling in question will impact the hardness of the cushion.  For instance, window seat cushions will often be provided with a softer feel while those used on dining room chairs will require a denser configuration in order to adequately support the weight of the user.  It should likewise be mentioned that modern foam formulations are highly resistant to degradation.  If maintained properly, these cushions can last for years at a time with few concerns.  In fact, it has been shown that high-resilient foam cushion filling is able to last as long as 14 years.  

There are also many manufacturing processes that are more environmentally friendly when compared to the past; ideal if you have been looking to lower the overall carbon footprint of your home.  Choosing the right type and density of foam for your seat cushions might still require a bit of expert input.  In this case, our professionals are always here to help.  

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