Window Seat Cushion Item
Why You Need a Window Seat and a Stylish Cushion

A window seat is a small seat placed below a window. It offers a great view of outside for someone seated there. Window seat cushions come in hand to cover the seats as well as add to their beauty. As Foam and Covers, we provide a wide range of choices to our clients wishing to make cushions for their seats.

As Foam and Covers, we will guide you in choosing the right cushions for your seats from our ready-made or a customised cushion tailored for your needs.

Having a window seat in your home, campervan or boat has many benefits as highlighted above. They serve their purpose well when used with cushions. This provides excellent back support to someone sitting or sleeping on the seat. Cushions also add to the beauty of the seats and of the whole house, boat or campervan. Window seat cushions have the advantage of being removable which means they can easily be cleaned when need be. As Foam and Covers, we will guide you in making the right choice for your needs.

Made-to-Fit Window Seat Cushion Benefits
Extra Seating Space
Additional Storage

The seats provide extra seating space. They are an effective solution especially when you have visitors in the house, boat or campervan. It also reduces the need for putting an extra seat in the main seating area which can lead to congestion in the main seating space.

When fixed with drawers, they offer extra storage in the house. The advantage of this type of storage is their hidden view that ensures only the owners of the house are aware of.

Transformation of Underutilised Space
They Can Be Placed Anywhere

Underutilised space can be transformed and include stylish appearance. This adds on to the beauty and gives life to the specific section of the house or your boat that had been overlooked.

The seats have the advantage of being placed anywhere and at any space. They can be placed on bathrooms, living rooms, home offices, and dining rooms. Another advantage of having these type of seats is they can have various versions in the house and in different rooms according to your choice and preference.

Additional Sleeping Space
Choosing Window Seat Cushions

Additional sleeping space for a guest is another advantage that someone can derive from the seats. With a reasonable size, it can be comfortable to act as a bed for an overnight guest in a campervan, boat or a house.

The seats can better be utilised and serve best when used with cushions which can be purchased from Foam and Covers. We have the experience to make cushions that fit your seats and transform your home.

Other types of cushions that we can make include for; boat seats, and campervan cushions all of any size and shape. We also replace old or torn cushions and assist you in choosing new window seat cushions made of great fabric all at amazing prices.

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