How to Measure a Cushion Cover

Whether used to accent an existing sofa or to provide a bit of extra comfort during the overnight hours, cushions are essential components within any home.  Another benefit of these unique pieces is that they can often be customised in order to suit every unique taste.  

If you are a fan of do-it-yourself projects, you might be curious to learn about how you can measure covers so that a more personalised style can be created.  Let us look at the necessary steps as well as the importance of each.

Front Seam Measurements

Whether referring to large cushion covers or smaller variants, this step will always remain the same.  You will first need to determine the distance between the back and front seams.  Double this figure and add an extra inch.  This additional inch provides you with more of an allowance when stitching the cover seams.

Measuring the Side Seams

The same process above will be used when dealing with side seams.  Measure the distance between the two side seams across the top of the cushion.  Once again, add one more inch to this sum.  This inch provides you with an additional 1/2-inch leeway on either side when creating subsequent seams.

Measuring the Height

Finally, measuring the height will be necessary if you happen to be designing a box cushion.  Determine the width and depth of the cushion.  Multiply each of these figures by two.  Add these two sums together and include an extra two inches for subsequent seam allowances.

Putting it All Together

We can now appreciate the fact that determining the dimensions of a cushion cover can represent somewhat of an involved process.  Still, the steps themselves are straightforward if addressed one at a time.  

You will also be pleased to know that Foam and Covers are capable of providing a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from; ideal if you are looking for a bit more variety during the design process.  

If you have any other questions involving measurements or to appreciate the options available, please contact us directly.