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Cushion Covers

Your Cushions Covers Matter!

When your sofas begin to look old, you can’t always afford to replace them with new ones. However, with new sofa cushion covers, you can achieve a fresh new look each time.

Covers offer a face-lift whilst protecting your seat from being ruined at the same time. They also give you the opportunity to mix match your space. The little details in your furnishing give your home an extra texture. Covers contribute to the look you desire in your home.

The cover you choose for your seat offers a way to change how your seat looks at the same time extending the life of the furniture.

At Foam and Covers, our seat and sofa covers are easy to use and come in different sizes, from round to rectangle cushion covers.

They are also available in a wide choice of colours from bright red cushion covers to plain grey and lots more.  We also feature covers with patterns so it’s quite easy for you to find a suitable cover with Foam and Covers.

Image by Vitalijs Barilo

Are there Different Fabrics for Covers?

Our covers come in various materials. This gives you a range of fabrics to choose from. You can change your covers from time to time. However, when choosing your covers, you can look at factors such as durability, style and ease of maintenance. Each fabric has its set of benefits. At Foam and Covers, we have hundreds of fabrics available.

At Foam and Covers, we have a wide range of covers to choose from including large cushion covers. When choosing your covers, there is a style to consider. Certain covers can work better in certain areas as opposed to some.

Where you use the cushion covers matter

It is important to differentiate between indoor and outdoor covers. Most indoor covers are not suitable for outdoor use. The most suitable covers for outdoor use need to be waterproof. Rooms with a lot of natural light should be considered. Some materials are more sensitive to sunlight and fade colour when exposed to it. Such rooms need covers that are fade resistant. Covers for your bedroom should not be too bright as they brighten the mood. This can make it difficult to sleep at times.

Use of the cushions is important when selecting cushion covers

The purpose of the covers you need aids in the type of covers you choose. A decorative cushion offers you a lot of freedom when choosing covers. Since it is decorative, the material of the cover is not important. If the cushion is to be subjected to friction, you need to be keener when selecting covers.

Get covers at Foam and Covers

Are you looking for covers to cover your cushions? We have your answer. We will help you get covers that will suit your style and needs. We have a wide range of covers including decorative, outdoor, indoor and large cushion covers.

Replacing your covers transforms the look of your furniture. You can change covers to match new curtains, with a season or brighten your sofa. With our wide range of covers at Foam and Covers, we will make sure we meet your needs. Get a style that is right for you and your space. Request a quote below or call us now on 0161 327 0121.