How to Maintain Garden Seat Covers

3 Ways to Protect and Maintain Garden Seat Covers

A little bit of outdoor air daily improves the quality of life. Therefore, your patio and garden need to have comfortable furniture for enjoying the sun and the quiet. Most garden seats come with cushions for additional comfort. Garden seat covers are usually made from durable materials suitable for outdoor use. However, the sun, rain, and other weather elements can take a toll on the fabric. Luckily, you can maintain your garden's seat covers with little effort.

1. Protect from the rain

Most outdoor seat covers are made of water-resistant fabric. Therefore, during a downpour, the water rolls off the surface, and the cushion will dry when the rain stops. That does not mean you should leave the seats uncovered during the rainy season. A few weeks in the rain and the covers will start showing signs of wear. So how do you shield the covers from rain? Even if the seats are on the patio or shade, you should cover them when you are expecting a torrential downpour. When the rain subsides, ensure you wipe off excess water and leave them to dry. Any water on the surface damages the covers within a short time.

2. Clean regularly

Good quality outdoor seat covers cost a pretty penny. However, for them to last long, you need to take care of them. Cleaning the covers will keep them looking new. You can wash the garden seat cover a couple of times a year to get rid of the dust and dirt. However, be careful not to soak the foam in water. If they do not dry properly, the moisture will lead to the growth of moulds. The best option is to remove the covers of the cushion before washing them. When cleaning, get rid of all the stains properly before rinsing and air-drying.

3. Store properly

Spending time outdoors mainly happens during the summer. So what do you do to your garden cushions during the off-season? Leaving them in the harsh weather is not an option. Therefore, you need to think of proper storage. Plastic bags are a standard storage option, but the lack of ventilation allows the growth of mildew. You should look for storage bags with enough ventilation and keep the bags in a dry environment.

While proper care and maintenance can ensure durability, if the seat covers have seen better days, then you should get new ones. Foam and Covers got you covered with a wide range of cushion covers made from different fabrics and styles.