Window Seats: Cozy Cushions for Your Relaxing Nook

At Foam and Covers, we're dedicated to crafting the perfect cushions for your benches, precisely tailored to your specifications. With endless material options to choose from, our easy-to-use quote form allows you to customize your cushion and submit your request in just minutes.

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What are custom window seats?

At Foam and Covers, we take pride in working with our customers to make the perfect cushions for benches, tailored to their requirements.

You can select any material you like, which gives you endless possibilities. Our easy-to-use quote form means that you can choose your options and submit your quote in minutes.

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What is a window seat called?

Utilizing Unused Space: A window seat, also known as a window bench, window nook, or alcove, serves as a mini sofa without a backrest, filling the gap of a window and providing additional seating. It's an ingenious way to make use of extra or unused space in your home.

Can I get window seat?

Bumped-Out Window Seats: When a window seat is situated within a pre-existing window nook or bay window, it's referred to as a "bumped-out" window seat, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics.

What do you call a seat in a bay window?

Optimal Seat Depth: The depth of a window seat is crucial for comfort. A depth that falls between 17 and 22 inches is preferred, ensuring a comfortable seating experience. For those who enjoy occasional catnaps on their window seat, a depth of 24 inches is recommended for added relaxation.

Bespoke Cushions, Inside or Out

We make custom cushions and covers for settings of all kinds — Benches, Caravans, Windows Seats, Sofas and many more!


Kitchen Banquette: In kitchen settings, a banquette, also known as a breakfast nook, booth, storage bench, or window seat, offers a cozy and versatile seating option, perfect for casual dining or relaxing moments.

What is the best depth for a window seat?

Purpose of Window Sills: Window sills, also referred to as window sills or cills in British English, are the horizontal structures or surfaces located at the bottom of windows. They provide structural support and stability to the window while also serving as a functional space for displaying decor or plants.

What Our Customer's Say

"I recommend this company - we ordered some bench seat foam and covers nearly 3 years ago now for our kitchen/dining area at home - they are used daily and still look perfect 🤩"

"Highly recommend!!! Had a bench cushion made to fit an odd shaped space and it fits like a glove!"

"These people are great. The seat cushion they made for us was perfect, real quality work for a very ordinary price."


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best height for a bench cushion?

Typical chairs and benches clock in at around 18″ in height (give or take). But if you're eyeing a cushioned upgrade, here's a pro tip: opt for a slightly shorter build, ranging from 14″ to 16″. This strategic adjustment leaves ample space for a comfy cushion without nudging the height into discomfort territory for most folks.

What is the best foam for bench seats?

When it comes to upholstery projects, high-density polyurethane foam steals the show. Renowned for its durability and longevity, it's the go-to choice for crafting furniture that stands the test of time. With superior resilience compared to low-density alternatives, high-density foam ensures your creations boast both quality and endurance.

How much would it cost to put in a bay window?

Bay Window Installation Costs: Installing a bay window typically ranges from $1,350 to $3,600, with the national average around $2,400. Various factors influence the final cost, including the type of bay window selected, which determines the number of panes and glass size.

How do you hang curtains with a window seat?

Curtain Rod Placement: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your window seat by hanging curtains. Opt for a curtain rod with decorative ends and mount it a few inches above the window seat frame. Choose curtain panels that either stop at the bottom of the seat or extend down to float just above the floor, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

How much would it cost to build a window seat?

Cost Considerations: Basic window seat installations start at approximately $400. However, custom-made cushions, which typically range from $300 to $500 depending on dimensions and materials, are an additional cost. Companies specializing in window seat cushions offer a variety of foam options with varying levels of softness or hardness to suit individual preferences.

What is the best foam for seat cushions?

When it comes to reviving the cushions of your beloved upholstered furniture, one option reigns supreme: high-density polyurethane foam. In this blog, we delve into why this choice stands head and shoulders above the rest for your interior upholstery projects.

Most other companies import their products from outside of the UK, which is the reason they cannot make custom sizes and only offer a few colour options.Most are imported from China and are poorly made. Our cushions are manufactured right herein the UK, with much higher quality filling and materials.We stand by our products as being the best on the market.

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