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At Foam and Covers, we're dedicated to crafting the perfect sofa cushion covers for your benches, precisely tailored to your specifications. With endless material options to choose from, our easy-to-use quote form allows you to customize your cushion and submit your request in just minutes.

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Elevate your furniture with sofa cushion covers

Refresh your home effortlessly with our stylish an durable sofa cushion covers. Designed for long-lasting use, these machine washable covers bring a modern touch to any living space. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and contemporary design with our premium sofa cushion covers.

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Can you buy replacement sofa cushion covers?

Explore our extensive collection of Replacement Sofa Cushion Covers, meticulously crafted for window seats, sofas, chairs, and outdoor furniture. Handmade by our skilled team of upholsterers in our own workshops, each cover boasts superior quality. Additionally, we provide a diverse range of fabrics and replacement options, including foam, feather, or fiber cushion interiors, ensuring both style and durability.

How can I make my old couch cushions more comfortable?

Elevate your sofa game with these simple yet effective tips:
1. Pile on Throw Pillows: Enhance support and style effortlessly.
2. Refresh Foam Cushions: Renew your sofa's comfort with fresh foam inserts.
3. Ensure Even Legs: Check and adjust your sofa's legs for stability.
4. Top with a Slipcover: Transform your sofa's look with a stylish slipcover.
5. Add an Ottoman: Extend comfort and versatility with a complementary ottoman.
6. Toss On a Throw Blanket: Complete the cozy vibe with a chic throw blanket.

How often should you replace sofa cushions?

According to Consumer Reports magazine, consider replacing your original foam cushions within the first 3 to 5 years. Despite its shock value, this recommendation stems from the fact that most OEM foam, being plastic-based polyurethane, begins softening after just 6 months of use.

Bespoke Cushions, Inside or Out

We make custom cushions and covers for settings of all kinds — Benches, Caravans, Windows Seats, Sofas and many more!

What is the best fabric for sofa cushion covers?

For sofa cushion covers, cotton and linen reign supreme. Not only are these fabrics washable, but they're also hypoallergenic, ensuring comfort without the risk of itchiness. With cotton's widespread availability, it's a versatile choice for every home's cushion needs.

How do you measure a sofa cushion cover?

Sometimes, worn or squished-down foam can make accurate measurements challenging. In such cases, using a steamer can work wonders in restoring the foam to its original dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your sofa cushion covers.

What Our Customer's Say

"I recommend this company - we ordered some bench seat foam and covers nearly 3 years ago now for our kitchen/dining area at home - they are used daily and still look perfect 🤩"

"Highly recommend!!! Had a bench cushion made to fit an odd shaped space and it fits like a glove!"

"These people are great. The seat cushion they made for us was perfect, real quality work for a very ordinary price."


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to reupholster a sofa cushion?

Estimating the cost of reupholstering a sofa can be complex, influenced by various factors. Generally, expect to invest between £400–£1300 for the process.

Can you recover sofa cushions?

If you're revamping your space with a fresh color scheme, investing in new couch cushion covers and possibly considering reupholstering your couch is a wise move. However, if you're content with your current color palette, a simple solution is to remove your cushions from their covers, give them a good restuffing to achieve that plump, inviting look, and then reassemble everything for a refreshed appearance.

How do you fix a collapsed couch cushion?

To maintain the longevity and comfort of your couch cushions, follow these steps:
Rotate and flip your cushions regularly.
Beat and fluff the cushions to restore their shape.
Consider replacing foam inserts if they've lost their firmness.
Re-stuff the filling to ensure optimal support.
Use batting or fiberfill to add extra loft.
Invest in cushion supports to prevent sagging.
To prevent sagging in the first place, rotate and flip your cushions regularly and invest in high-quality materials.
Aim to rotate and flip your couch cushions every few months to distribute wear evenly and maintain their shape.

Can you buy cushions for sofa?

Is your sofa showing signs of wear and tear? Give it a boost of energy with new sofa cushions or replacement options. Often, cushions are the first to wear out, while the rest of your sofa remains in good condition. By refreshing your cushions, you not only save money but also contribute to environmental sustainability by extending your sofa's lifespan. It's a win-win situation that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

How do you measure for replacement cushions?

When measuring a chair for a replacement cushion, follow these steps:

Measure the seat width by placing a rigid tape measure across the seat from left to right. We recommend adding an inch to your measurement to ensure a snug fit.
Measure the seat depth by measuring the chair from front to back. These measurements will help you find the perfect-sized cushion for your chair.

How do you fix a sagging couch?

Here's a step-by-step guide to replacing your sofa cushion filling:

Remove the cushion from the sofa.
Locate the zip and unfasten it to access the cushion filling.
Measure the cushion covers to determine the size needed for the new foam filling.
Order new foam cut to the appropriate size.
Once the new foam arrives, replace the old cushion filling with the new high-density foam for a refreshed and comfortable seating experience.

Most other companies import their products from outside of the UK, which is the reason they cannot make custom sizes and only offer a few colour options.Most are imported from China and are poorly made. Our cushions are manufactured right herein the UK, with much higher quality filling and materials.We stand by our products as being the best on the market.

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