Meditation Pillow

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Here we have UK Made, top quality half moon pillow cushion which has many uses, including as a yoga cushion for sitting on, a neck support, knee cushion, and many more.

Our Plush Velvet fabric is super soft, and best of all it's fully waterproof and wipe clean!

The size is 60cm x 35cm x 17cm and the weight is 3kg.

Information on the filling:

Our Organic Buckwheat Hulls are not treated with herbicides, pesticides or fungicides either when growing, harvesting or storage.

Buckwheat hulls are said by many to be far superior to many man made fillings.

Our hulls are not roasted. The groats are removed through a roller press. The hulls (Husks) are then triple screen graded then forced air cleaned. This makes them ideal in things like meditation cushions, sleep pillows, cushions, bean bags, meditation beds, Buckwheat toppers, soft toys, draft excluders and many other things.

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