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At Foam and Covers, we're dedicated to crafting the perfect patio cushions for your benches and seats, precisely tailored to your specifications. With endless material options to choose from, our easy-to-use quote form allows you to customize your cushion and submit your request in just minutes.

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Revitalise your outdoor space with patio cushions

Enhance your outdoor space with our wide selection of garden furniture cushions and seat pads. Whether you're looking for extra padding for your outdoor chair, bench, sofa, or seat wall you'll find the perfect fit at Foam and Covers.

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Should you leave patio cushions outside?

Durability Matters: When choosing outdoor cushions resilient enough to endure snow and moisture, opt for materials like Sunbrella fabric. Renowned for its durability, it's water-repellent, fade-resistant, and can withstand various weather conditions.

Is it OK to leave patio cushions outside in winter?

When it comes to cushion shapes, the square reigns supreme. Timeless and versatile, it effortlessly enhances any space. Opt for common sizes like 12×12” or 16×16” to ensure a perfect fit for your furniture.

Can you leave patio cushions outside in the winter if covered?

Proper Storage: Ensure your outdoor cushions remain in top condition by thoroughly cleaning and drying them before storage. Wrap them in a protective layer and store in a dry, climate-controlled space during winter or heavy rain.

Bespoke Cushions, Inside or Out

We make custom cushions and covers for settings of all kinds — Benches, Caravans, Windows Seats, Sofas and many more!

What happens if you leave outdoor cushions in the rain?

Quality Counts: While many outdoor cushion brands claim water resistance, not all are created equal. Opt for reputable manufacturers to avoid issues like prolonged drying times and potential mould formation due to moisture retention.

Can you leave patio cushions out overnight?

Indoor Retreat: Despite being crafted from waterproof fabric and quick-drying foam, outdoor cushions are best stored indoors when not in use. Leaving them outside exposes them to dirt and debris, compromising their cleanliness and longevity.

What Our Customer's Say

"I recommend this company - we ordered some bench seat foam and covers nearly 3 years ago now for our kitchen/dining area at home - they are used daily and still look perfect 🤩"

"Highly recommend!!! Had a bench cushion made to fit an odd shaped space and it fits like a glove!"

"These people are great. The seat cushion they made for us was perfect, real quality work for a very ordinary price."


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep mice out of my patio cushions?

Natural Deterrent: Mice steer clear of minty scents, so incorporating mint-scented items can deter them effectively. A homemade spray concocted with mint oil, water, and a few drops of Dawn can be applied around your house and outdoor equipment to keep these unwanted guests at bay.

Are outdoor cushions worth it?

Outdoor Comfort: Elevate your outdoor living space with the addition of outdoor cushions, offering both comfort and style to your patio furniture ensemble.

When should I replace my patio cushions?

Replacement Consideration: Upon thorough inspection, if your patio furniture cushions show signs of mold, torn fabric, or faded colors, it might be time for a replacement to maintain both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Should I bring my patio cushions inside in the winter?

Winter Precautions: While it's advisable to bring cushions indoors during freezing temperatures, utilizing waterproof covers can also safeguard your furniture during the winter months.

Are patio cushions okay in the rain?

Rain-Resistance: The resilience of your patio furniture against rain depends on the materials used. Furniture not specifically designed to repel water, resist rot, or prevent mold growth may require covering or indoor storage before each rain shower.

What do people do with outdoor cushions when it rains?

Weather Protection: Although patio cushions can handle light sprinkles, it's prudent to shield them with water-resistant covers during heavier rainfall. For prolonged downpours, it's best to bring them indoors to prevent moisture damage and ensure their longevity.

Most other companies import their products from outside of the UK, which is the reason they cannot make custom sizes and only offer a few colour options.Most are imported from China and are poorly made. Our cushions are manufactured right herein the UK, with much higher quality filling and materials.We stand by our products as being the best on the market.

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