Custom Bench Cushions: Tailored Comfort for Your Space

At Foam and Covers, we're dedicated to crafting the perfect cushions for your benches, precisely tailored to your specifications. With endless material options to choose from, our easy-to-use quote form allows you to customize your cushion and submit your request in just minutes.

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What are custom bench cushions?

At Foam and Covers, we take pride in working with our customers to make the perfect cushions for benches, tailored to their requirements.

You can select any material you like, which gives you endless possibilities. Our easy-to-use quote form means that you can choose your options and submit your quote in minutes.

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What is the best thickness for bench cushions?

Tailored Thickness: When selecting the thickness of your custom bench cushions, personal preference reigns supreme. However, our 3-inch thickness stands as the most favored option among our clientele. Remember, thicker cushions generally provide extended comfort and support, ensuring a cozy seating experience.

Should a bench cushion be smaller than the bench?

Perfect Fit: Achieving a seamless fit is paramount for bench cushions. They should snugly align with the edges of your bench seat without spilling over. Incorrect sizing can disrupt proportions and compromise comfort, detracting from the overall aesthetic appeal.

What is the best density of foam for bench cushions?

Resilient Foam for Lasting Comfort: Opting for higher-density foam ensures durability and resilience, essential for withstanding the rigors of daily use, especially in high-traffic areas like family rooms. A foam density of 2.5 pounds or higher per cubic foot guarantees that your cushions maintain their shape and support over time.

Bespoke Cushions, Inside or Out

We make custom cushions and covers for settings of all kinds — Benches, Caravans, Windows Seats, Sofas and many more!

What is the best height for a bench cushion?

Consider Seating Height: If you plan to use your bench cushion with your feet resting on the floor, ensure that the cushion's top aligns with optimal seating heights, typically between 18 and 20 inches from the floor. This ensures comfortable seating for individuals of varying statures, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

How do I calculate how much fabric I need for a bench cushion?

Precise Measurement: Begin the customization process by accurately measuring the length and width of each individual cushion from your furniture piece. Multiply the length by two to account for both the top and bottom faces of the cushion, adding an inch to both dimensions to accommodate seam allowances. With precise measurements, you'll achieve bespoke bench cushions tailored to perfection.

What Our Customer's Say

"I recommend this company - we ordered some bench seat foam and covers nearly 3 years ago now for our kitchen/dining area at home - they are used daily and still look perfect 🤩"

"Highly recommend!!! Had a bench cushion made to fit an odd shaped space and it fits like a glove!"

"These people are great. The seat cushion they made for us was perfect, real quality work for a very ordinary price."


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular cushion size?

Classic Square Shape: Embrace timeless elegance with the square cushion shape, a versatile option suitable for any decor style. Common sizes like 12×12” and 16×16” offer flexibility and aesthetic appeal, effortlessly complementing various seating arrangements.

What is standard bench cushion size?

Standard Size, Exceptional Comfort: Elevate your seating experience with our standard-sized cushion, measuring 45" W x 15" L x 2" H. Crafted to perfection, this soft and plush bench cushion is ideal for kitchens, patios, and home decor, providing unparalleled comfort and style.

How thick should foam be for seat cushions?

Optimal Foam Thickness: Achieve the perfect balance of comfort and support with the right foam thickness. For domestic seats like sofas and armchairs, medium-density seat foam is the go-to choice, especially for seat pads measuring at least 10 cm in thickness. This ensures optimal comfort for extended periods of sitting.

How thick should wood be for a bench seat?

Quality Wood for Durability: Enhance the longevity of your bench cushion with a sturdy wood frame. A 3" board thickness offers ample strength and durability for various wood types, while hardwoods like white oak or hickory can suffice with 1 1/2" to 2" thickness. Consider crafting your own by securely gluing thinner boards together for added customization.

What is the best material for a bench cushion?

Comfortable Foam Filling: Experience unparalleled comfort and durability with foam, the preferred stuffing material for bench cushions. With its high density, foam provides superior comfort and longevity, ensuring lasting satisfaction with every seating experience.

How can I make my bench seat more comfortable?

Ergonomic Enhancement: Elevate the functionality and comfort of your bench with ergonomic design enhancements. Consider incorporating features like an upholstered backrest or adding a bench seat cushion for enhanced support and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a comfortable and inviting seating arrangement for your space.

Most other companies import their products from outside of the UK, which is the reason they cannot make custom sizes and only offer a few colour options.Most are imported from China and are poorly made. Our cushions are manufactured right herein the UK, with much higher quality filling and materials.We stand by our products as being the best on the market.

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