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Quality Guarantee

Here at Foam and Covers we are dedicated to bringing you top quality products. Each product we produce comes with a guarantee - that guarantee means if there is anything wrong with your order, if is not the right fabric, the right size or you think the quality is not superior, we will remake the cushion for you for free until you are satisfied.


This is a personal guarantee that we give with every product we produce. Each product is meticulously inspected for any design flaws, sizing issues or imperfections and 99.9% of our products will be dispatched without any issues. For the 0.01%, we will fix this for you or make up a new cushion free of charge.


This is automatically included when you purchase from Foam and Covers. Our team and staff are 100% dedicated to making sure you as customers are 100% satisfied with your product.

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All of our products are UK Made, hand crafted, and all of our materials are either manufactured in the UK or in the EU. We do not buy China important fabrics or products due to their inferior quality. All of our products also comply to the Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations of 1988. You can rest assured our products meet the latest fire safety regulations.