100% life proof. 100% simple. 100% trusted.

The Peak fabric range is a high performance FibreGuard product. FibreGuard fabric is durable and easy to work with and represents a shift in the market towards child & pet friendly living.


FibreGuard's stain-resistant fabrics provide you with the ultimate gift: peace of mind.

Our easy-clean fabrics are green-conscious.


FibreGuard is certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This is our promise to you that our drapery and upholstery fabrics won’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the world.


Our FibreGuard fabrics have been methodically crafted and designed with your comfort in mind. The stain free properties in our FibreGuard fabrics will last long after washing and heavy use. Common accidental stains can be easily removed.

FibreGuard Peak | Turtle