Window Seat Cushion FAQs

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and having a special place in that home, where we can go to curl up and read, watch television or simply stare out of the window is a unique pleasure. If you have a beautiful wide window-seat it is sure to become that special place. However, sitting on bare brick or wood can be quite uncomfortable over a long time, resulting in a numb behind or stiff, painful legs. The solution is to fit a seat cushion, one that has been custom-made to fit your window seat's dimensions. Here are some things to consider when choosing your perfect window seat cushion.

Damage-proof Fabric

Even though your window seat is inside the home, it tends to be outside the protection of the room's curtains. This means that the cushion cover will be exposed to light and sunshine, both of which can be damaging to fabric, causing it to fade and weaken to the point that it disintegrates at the lightest touch. However, there are now weatherproof fabrics that look and feel just as good as sturdy cotton, but that are treated to resist the fading and damage caused by the light. Opting for one of these fabrics for your window seat is a good way to ensure that your cushion will stand the test of time.

Made to Measure

Be careful when taking your measurements, as too small a cushion can slip and slide, making for an uncomfortable seat, while too big a cushion will either not fit or look awkward and potentially be dangerous, causing slips and falls. Measure the height of the cushion making allowances for the height at which the window starts, especially if it is a window that can open. Instead of going for too thick a foam layer, you can ask about foam with a greater density to provide the necessary cushioning.

Right Angles – or Not!

Window seat cushions are best when made to measure: make sure you account for the angles at the sides of the window seat, as well as the shorter length at the back and the longer length at the front, as well as the overall depth of the seat. Aim to have the full depth of the seat covered by the cushion, or even perhaps a few millimetres extra, so your legs will not be bruised by any wooden or concrete edges. A well-fitted seat cushion looks great, fitting in well with the décor of the room, enhancing its comfort, so it is worth taking a few moments to get the measurements just right.

Batting? Welts? Yes or No?

Batting is an extra layer of thin foam that sits inside the cushion cover, creating a sleek, smooth effect, with a nicely plumped out cover. This effect can also be achieved with a very carefully made cover over a solid piece of foam, but batting can make it a little easier to achieve the desired effect. Welting is when cushions are trimmed with a covered cord to create a neat finish or provide a contrasting effect. You must decide if you want either of these features, and if so, make sure that you allow an extra half-inch or so on your measurements to ensure that your cushion will sit snugly in the seat.

Once you have your window seat cushion in place you will be delighted with how it looks and feels. Your only worries will be to get other members of the family out of the seat when you want to curl up with your book for a while!