What to Consider When Choosing The Best Cushions For Your Garden

Choosing the right type of cushions for an outdoor garden will require several additional factors which compared to interior style and design requirements.

Not only will you need to take into account the exterior elements, but comfort and visual appeal are just as important.

How can you draw a solid conclusion while avoiding any mistakes along the way? Let us take a quick look at what our team of industry experts has to say.

The Type and Density of the Foam

Foam density is crucial in regards to comfort. However, we also need to keep in mind that this very same foam will be subject to environmental changes such as temperature variations and high levels of moisture.

Many feel that polyurethane is the best option for garden bench cushions due to its decidedly resilient quality. However, this foam will need to be adequately protected from weather conditions. This leads directly into the next main point.

The Exterior Fabric

Certain fabrics are not designed to be used within a garden. They can fade, crack and otherwise break down over time. One of the best external coverings to employ is solution-dyed acrylic.

The fact that the colours have completely penetrated the acrylic signifies that it is highly resistant to fading due to the effects of the sun.

Furthermore, acrylic is highly resistant to physical damage as it ages. It is capable of providing a soft appeal that is ideal in terms of comfort alongside sheer ergonomics.

Overall Style and Design

It can sometimes be challenging to encounter the correct dimensions for your garden seat cushions; particularly if they require to be cut into specific shapes and sizes.

This is why made-to-order variants are often the best options to consider. You can make the most out of existing seating space while not compromising the overall aesthetic appeal. Foam and Covers is able to cater to all of the requirements mentioned above. From providing you with a wide choice of styles to designing the cushions themselves around your discrete requirements, we are only moments away. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.