What is the Best Fabric for Cushion Covers?

Cushions will often be able to last for decades or longer if they are protected against undue levels of wear and tear. This is why choosing the most appropriate fabric is very important.

The main issue is that there are numerous variants to consider and determining the "best" will often depend upon the environment where the cushion is located.

Let us, therefore, take a look at fabrics ideally suited for outdoor use as well as some options when covering cushions within the home.

Outdoor Fabric Recommendations

When dealing with garden bench cushions and similar items that will be exposed to potentially harsh elements, many experts agree that fabrics such as vinyl and polypropylene are the best options. This arises from the fact that they are resistant to water and much less likely to develop mould.

These materials can be easily cleaned and many formulations are now protected against fading due to solar rays. Of course, you can choose from a wide array of styles and designs.

Indoor Options

When addressing sofa seat covers and similar requirements within the home, you can choose from materials such as cotton and polyester. It is also not uncommon for these two fabrics to be blended together in a 50-50 ratio.

Cotton is a breathable fabric; allowing any underlying moisture to escape. Linen can also be used for those who are searching for a software material that is less likely to cause irritation to the skin.

However, spandex, wool and even silk can likewise be selected. Those who are on a limited budget should nonetheless take a look at cotton/polyester options.

It should also be stressed that the best fabric for cushion covers will partially depend upon personal tastes as well as any nearby upholstery. These considerations will help to tie the entire environment together; providing an aesthetic balance.

You will be pleased to learn that Foam and Covers offer a massive array of fabric options for you to choose from.

Please take a few moments to have a closer look at the available choices and we will be happy to provide you with additional recommendations.