Sofa Foam Cushions FAQs

Memory foam, developed by scientists who worked on the space program in the 1960s, is used to manufacture a variety of upholstery products that range from mattresses to cushions.

Foam and Covers offer a selection of furniture items, including cushions and fabric covers, that are made from this space age material.

Sofa cushions that are produced from memory foam, used by the medical profession due to its superior health benefits, last longer and provide greater comfort than the standard variety.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam, created by infusing molten polyurethane with high pressure gases in order to create an open-cell matrix, is a viscoelastic material that is used to create upholstery items.

This dense substance, which softens when it is subjected to body heat, molds itself around the contours of the human form and resumes its original shape upon returning to its normal temperature.

Why are cushions made from memory foam?

Sofas are an integral part of communal rooms, such as living living rooms or recreation rooms, and sofa foam cushions that are made from viscoelastic polyurethane possess distinct advantages over cushions that are made from traditional materials.

Memory foam sofas are more comfortable to sit on, promote good blood circulation and support the spine while the durability of the material means that these cushions last for longer than other types on the market.

Is there a way to restore softening memory foam cushions?

It is possible to restore the firmness of sofa foam cushions, whether they are cut or molded from a single piece of memory foam, in order to maximise the comfort of those who use them and to extend the life of the product.

Applying pressure to high-density polyurethane foam, which loses up to twenty percent of its firmness during its lifetime, helps to maintain the structural integrity of the material when it starts to soften from extensive use.

Can memory foam sofa cushions be washed?

Vacuuming is an excellent way to remove any light dirt, dust or grime that accumulates on sofa foam cushions but heavier stains will need to be washed out.

The best way to clean a memory foam cushion is to fill the kitchen sink with lukewarm water, add a medium-sized capful of detergent, massage the pillow with the fingertips, drain the waste water and repeat the process until the discarded liquid looks clean.

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