Sofa Cushion Covers Buying Considerations

If you're looking for new sofa cushion covers then you'll probably have one of two or three reasons for doing so. You may want to replace old and worn cushions with similar-looking new ones, you want a whole new look for your sofa or you need to protect the underlying cushions from heavy wear and tear. Here's how you choose the best option for you and your household's needs.

  • Identify your reasons for wanting new sofa seat covers

If you're aiming to update the look of your sofa, maybe to fit in with new interior decoration, then you'll have more options to choose from in terms of fabric and colours. You could choose a light, stretchy fabric or maybe even suede or corduroy. For protective covers, then hard-wearing heavy cotton in a darker shade or with a dense pattern will work best. Patterns hide smaller stains and spills so you won't need to strip off and wash the covers too often, which makes life with small children and pets that little bit easier.

  • Fitting your sofa cushion covers

Once you've decided which fabric and what sort of colour or pattern you're using for the covers, you can think about choosing the ideal size and fit for the cushion pads. You might also be replacing the pads themselves if your sofa is really looking tired as this, alongside maybe a new slipcover, will have your furniture looking like new. You have to think about the shape of the cushions as not all sofa cushions are totally square. Many sofas, armchairs and loveseats feature T-shaped cushions, or rectangular ones instead. As lots of sofa cushion cover manufacturers can make customised covers, you can have pretty much any shape or size you want, but the important thing here is to measure all the dimensions of the cushion pads they'll be fitted around.

  • Measuring your sofa cushion pads

You really do need to adhere to the old tailor's adage of "Measure once and cut twice" here so that when your covers arrive they're a perfect fit. It's important to measure the depth of the cushion as well as the length and breadth as most sofa cushions are form-fitted with corners and edges. Once you've got your measurements, you should add two centimetres to each one so that it's easy to fit them onto the pads and so that they allow the pads to move and 'give' a little when people sit on them.