Sofa Cushion Arrangement Tips

How to Arrange Your Sofa Cushions Like a Pro

Though it seems like an easy task, choosing the right cushions and an arrangement style for your sofa is overwhelming. As time goes on, different types of cushions become popular. The trick is to know how to mix and match the colours in a glamorous way. Therefore, you must change your cushions to match the trending fashion. Brightly coloured and patterned cushions are real stunners. Employ art when scattering your pillows on your sofa. Discover essential cushion arrangement styles.

Central Cushion Style

Cushions must not be confined at the need of the sofa. You can defy the norm and place cushions slightly away from the ends. Centralising cushions works wonders on small sofas. The style also works entirely well on curved sofas which don’t have edges. You must struggle to combine the rounded designs harmoniously.

Alternating Patterns Style

This is a typical arrangement when dealing with patterns and plains. The process starts with selecting two fabrics that complement each other. From both ends of the sofa, lay one cushion on the top of the other moving towards the middle of the couch. While laying the cushions, alternate between patterns and plains arrangement.

Various Shapes Arrangement

You can achieve that appealing look by arranging your cushions like a gallery wall. Consider different shapes and place them against each other in an exciting way. Play with the cushions geometric strengths to form a charming arrangement. Form an amazing cushion cocktail by throwing circular, rectangular and excitingly bolster cushions.

Balanced Arrangement

This is a standard cushion arrangement which never fades away. It is a visually exciting arrangement which involves mixing patterns, colours and textures. This arrangement style smartly harmonises fabrics. Bolster, and lumber styles are common ways to achieve this arrangement.

Paired Style

This arrangement involves working with two sofa cushions. The cushions are matched side by side in the middle of the sofa leaving a small gap between them.

Separated Trio Style

Cushions are placed in a mirror-like image. Large cushions are placed at the back, angled between the backrest and the arm. The small sofa cushions are then placed in front of the large ones. Replicate the layout in the opposite corner. The end product should be corresponding cushions placed in a composed and neat arrangement.