Protecting Your Garden Bench Covers

Using high quality bench and garden seat covers are a great way to ensure your garden and outdoor areas look great and most importantly provide lots of comfort which allows you, your family and your guests to relax and have a great time.

A choice of size and finishes

We can offer a range of high quality and comfortable seating and garden bench covers which are available in a wide variety of different colours, materials, textures, sizes and beautiful finishes which ensure they will blend seamlessly into any garden or outdoor setting and allow you full control of how the final design will look and feel.

Furthermore, you can easily remove and apply a variety of covers to achieve a different look and feel to your garden or outdoor area.

Using a foam filling also allows our garden seat covers to be designed to any specific size or shape which allows the covers to be used with a wide variety of furniture styles and in locations ranging from not only gardens but also camper-vans, caravans, boats or any outdoor location.

Protecting Garden Bench Seat Covers

To keep your garden bench covers in top condition it is vital to protect them against the weather. Exposure to rain and cold weather can cause mildew to form which can lead to unpleasant smells or odours. Likewise, too much sun may cause bleaching resulting in once vibrant colours looking washed out and tired.

You can keep your covers in excellent condition by following a few simple steps such using giving them an occasional machine wash or you could also use a soft brush or cloth to remove any small bits food or dirt from cloth cushions or alternatively, you could use a hand held vacuum cleaner. If you have vinyl cushions, you can use a damp cloth to gently wipe them down.

If you do not intend to use the covers for a while, you should also put into a bag and store them indoors in a warm and dry location.

You can also use a spray on sealant which offer some degree of water protection to non vinyl cushions. These are ideal if you leave your cushions out during mild rain showers or