Indoor vs. Outdoor Cushion Covers

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Cushions.

What Makes a Cushion?

A cushion is what makes the chair or couch comfortable to sit on. Whether it is plush or taut, a cushion can change your sitting experience altogether!

Also having an impact is its cover design, created from the weaving together of various fibres and textiles. How a cushion is fabricated can also completely alter its intended application.

What Makes An Indoor and Outdoor Cushion Different?

It is considered a given that outdoor cushions are for exterior use and indoor cushions are for interior use, the main deciding factors are the textiles used in the respective cushion covers. You might be tempted to think that making the transition between outdoor and indoor would be especially easy for the weather ready outdoor cushion, yet its covers generally tend to wear faster than indoor cushion covers. Mainly intended for seasonal use, the fabric of an outdoor cushion cover is not as sturdy, made from solution dyed synthetic fabrics it is, on the other hand, less prone to weather wear, light damage, mould growth, and has higher water resistance.

The indoor cushion gives room for great ambiguity of textiles. Made from a wide array of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, wool, silks – they can be woven, dyed and screen -printed. Though all of these accolades allow for beautiful, aesthetically pleasing cushions – they do not tend to be conducive to resistance and durability, given that indoor cushion have a tendency to fade and degrade when exposed to the elements.

Can The Cushions Be Interchanged?

For anyone who has spotted their must-have outdoor cushion design, only to find that its fabricated as an indoor pillow; do not worry. There are proven and tested methods of water-proofing your indoor pillow. A chemical spray can be used, which upon hardening, provides the cushion with a waterproof exterior, leaving the pillow looking the same as ever.

There are also methods of making outdoor cushions more suitable for indoor use. Changing the foam within the cushion can immediately boost a cushion’s ability to be used outdoors or indoors, with some foams readily retaining water and others reticulated/open cell foams which allows water to pass through and dry speedily.