Guide To Measuring Foam Cushions

You have probably been yearning to have your cushions suit your demands. Yearn no more as here is a step by step guide to help you meet your need.

Get the right measurement

Here are tips to help you get it right with your measurement;

• Have the right measurements from your old covers at home

• Ensure you do not use the measurement from your old foam as it is most probably deformed.

• Measure your covers from one end to the other to ensure you get the right fitting for your foam.

Preference for Sofa Cushion

You always want that cosy feeling on your sofa. This is already a dream come true at Foam and Covers. Our assortment of sofa cushions come in all forms, sizes and designs ranging from all kinds of upholstery products like custom made fabrics and foam products.


Our members of staff are detail-oriented and have hands-on skills to ensure that the clients get value for their money and most importantly get the right fit for their sofa cushion, owing to their experience. Attention to our client’s needs is undivided regardless of their preferences.


We offer bespoke cushions which are mostly customisable to a particular size or foam sheet. Our sofa cushions can be made to meet any designs and specifications to fit your sofa perfectly. Our foams come in different types from plain, domed to those with wadding and stockinette. Foam and Covers offer you additions like buttons and piping to your sofa cushion as well.

We also offer sofa seat back cover, bench cushions and waterproof cushions thus being a one-stop-shop for all your upholstery products. There is no doubt that interaction with our products leaves you spoilt for choice.


Every order is unique, and we strive to ensure that the packing is done in very high standards and covered twice during delivery so that it gets to our clients in perfect shape.