Guide To Fabric Samples

It is vital to have a deep understanding of different types of fabric samples if you are working or involved in the industry. Being in the fashion industry, one can be in production, such as a tailor, for example. Or, you can sell in bulk with the final product materials. For those in this industry, it is common to receive fabric samples or swatches to facilitate product specification by customers. Most textile companies like to introduce new fabric varieties every year triggering regular shipment of new fabric samples. As a customer, it is advisable to have an insight about the composition of these samples to be aware of their fabric composition for when buying it. Below are explanations of some of the fabric samples materials.

Denim Samples

Denim is mostly made up 100% cotton but can be a blend of 85% cotton and 15% polyester. This material is probably one of the most famous materials with extensive usage in clothes and home decor. This material is commonly blue. To produce denim, manufacturing companies blend cotton warp yarn and white cotton filling yarn to create a durable material. This material has the benefit of durability and is machine washable.

Satin Samples

Satin is made by floating warp cotton yarns over weft yarns at predetermined intervals. The process produces a product with a high lustre suitable for furniture and bed sheets. Satin also has a soft and even texture reflecting a luxurious look. Satin was initially made of silk, and its appealing look made it a preference for the upper classes in the society as only a few could afford it. Nowadays the material is mostly used in sleepwear, lingerie and ties.

Silk Samples

Silk is a shiny and slippery fabric made from natural protein fibre. This material is one of the most expensive materials in the material market. This natural fibre material has a soft, smooth and non-slip texture which increase its attractiveness. Silk is also strong but has low elasticity and may lose its strength with time. This material is ideal for shirts, suits, ties, dresses, lingerie and beddings.

Velvet Samples

Velvet is a woven fabric made from either natural or synthetic fibres. Traditionally, velvet was form silk and was only reserved for the top class. Modern manufacturing techniques have increased its availability through the use of less expensive synthetic fibres or cotton. The material has a luxurious texture with a smooth and soft feel perfect for cushions and home décor items.

Cotton Samples

This material is one of the most widely used in the textile industry. The material is cheap to manufacture hence its high preference in most textile projects. The material is made of pure cotton but may be blended with polyester to increase elasticity. It is commonly used in lightweight clothing, such as dresses, shirts, socks, t-shirts and bed sheets.