Guide To Choosing Custom Fabrics

A Household Investment: Choosing Custom Fabrics

You cannot ask too many questions when you are choosing fabrics to render your home interior comfortable, elegant and a pleasure to care for.

Quality fabric retains heat, protects valuable furniture and adds individuality to interiors. Time spent in choosing custom fabrics is actually a household investment.

Upholstery Today

In previous centuries, wealthy people hung walls with beautiful tapestries that added colour to spare environments and helped the building to retain heat. In later centuries, woodworkers recognised the advantage in adding quality fabrics to the wooden frames of their furniture, and so upholstery developed into a craft and an art. Natural fabrics – cotton and linen, leather and wool – are always the most durable. However, modern customers can make use of developments in technology.

Decisions to Make

Before you choose your fabrics, ask these vital questions:

  • Will the upholstered item mainly be for family wear or to create a talking point in your home?

  • Will you quickly tire of an intricate pattern or bright colour?

  • How often are you willing to clean or maintain the upholstery fabric?

Choosing Contemporary Upholstery

Generally, sofas, armchairs and headboards are upholstered, items that are in constant use. This implies that the fabric should be prone against soil and wear. For this reason, many people choose dark fabrics to cover their furniture. However, dark upholstery is prone to its own type of soiling. Leather, in particular, is prone to damage from dust and scuffing. Many synthetic textures replicate the look of fine leather, wool and cottons, such as are available from Foam and Covers, and can be maintained with relative ease. Hardware stores stock faux-leather spray-on cleaners, and washable covers can be removed and replaced at intervals.

Creating the Dream Interior

Consider the room that your sofa, curtains or bed is going to furnish. Dark furnishings with contrasting cushions will stand in fantastic relief against pale walls and carpet – and the converse is also true. You may want to colour-coordinate an entire room, or you may just want to create a focal point, for example, a bright-pink or yellow sofa to dominate a nursery or play room. You may want a fabulous and extravagant headboard in a bedroom, or fill an entire drawing room with matching sofas, armchairs and contrasting curtains? Whatever you require, a myriad of plain and patterned fabrics are available to make your fantasy a reality. Free fabric samples are available on request right here, from Foam and Covers to help you choose the right ones. If you really cannot decide what to buy, hire a professional designer to create your dream interior.

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