Fabrics Frequently Asked Questions

With most things in life – if you use the right tool for the job, you’ll get a much more satisfying result. The same is true of fabric; select the right material and you will have a more useful and pleasing item.

With a bewildering range of fabrics available, however, it can be difficult to know which one is the best to choose.

Why do you need to choose the right fabric?

Fabrics are used for a variety of different things and the type used can affect the end result. In dressmaking, for example, if a dress is to be floaty it needs chiffon or silk – something with a soft drape.

When it comes to making cushions, a fabric that has some structure is needed to keep the cushion in shape, plus it should be hard wearing and easy to clean. Something with a decent weight is required and it should not wrinkle easily. There are plenty of standard and custom fabrics to choose from that are perfect for cushions.

What is the best fabric for cushions?

These are some of the best fabrics to use for cushions.

Heavy cotton is stiff with no stretch. It can be printed with detailed design and is cheaper to buy.

Chenille is soft to the touch and a pleasure to sit upon. It is hard wearing and comes in deep, beautiful colours.

Heavy wool is a natural and warm product with a good structure for cushions.

Velvet is sumptuous, soft and comes in deep, jewel-like colours with a weight that is perfect for cushions.

Tartan is a traditional, criss-cross pattern and is a bold design for upholstery.