Cushion Covers Maintenance Tips

Spice Up Your Surroundings

Do you fancy giving your living space a mini-makeover? Want to add a touch of novelty and excitement? New cushion covers can add a splash of spice to your surroundings.

But then, what happens? The months roll on. Soon your exciting new cushions have become dull and tired-looking - this shouldn’t happen.

Read on for some tips on how to keep your cushions in mint condition.

Keep Your Cushion Covers Exciting and New

Read on for some tips on keeping your cushions new and exciting for a long time.

  • Change and clean the covers often. It’s that simple. When you find the perfect set of covers which add colour and excitement to your decor, don’t stop at one. Either buy a duplicate set or buy another set which has exactly the same effect. It’s better if you buy a different set. Changing the covers will keep the look of your living space fresh and exciting. Use a duplicate set by all means, if you’d rather. While it won’t change the look of your place, it will free up your other set for cleaning.

  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. If the label says ‘dry clean’, make sure to dry clean. Some covers have quite intricate designs and need gentle handling. Others thrive with a thorough rinse and spin in the washer. Some may only need a gentle hand wash. But above all, make sure you check the correct method of cleaning. These items can be quite delicate and the wrong cleaning procedure can ruin them. Regular cleaning will keep your covers looking fresh, preventing the dull, lifeless look.

  • Innovate and redesign. There are lots of things you can do to change and improve the look of your cushions. If you like crafting, you might enjoy adding to their look. You can use techniques like embroidery and applique. Check out the tutorials on YouTube to stimulate your ideas.

Add This Job To Your List

Nowadays, many housewives keep checklists to keep the household chores up-to-date. This prevent the overwhelm which comes from too many maintenance jobs coming up at once. You must add the job of changing and cleaning your cushion covers to this list, if it’s not there already. You’ll see a definite improvement in the look of your cushions. Particularly if they’ve been getting dull and lifeless too soon.

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