Cushion Cover vs. Cushion Insert

Cushions give a soft but elegant look and increase comfort. However, differentiating between cushion inserts and cushion covers may be confusing to you. Below is a simple guide that shows the difference between cushion inserts and covers.

How Are They Used?

Cushion covers serve primarily as a decoration and offer a cost-effective way to give your elegance. They also serve the purpose of decorating the living room and the bedroom. They are also used to protect the cushions since the pillow is often not replaced or washed. On the other hand, the inserts are used to form the cushion. They also give structure and determine how round and comfortable the cushion is.

Size of the Cushion Cover and Insert

In case your cushion insert does not fill the pillow properly, it will look cheap and flat. If you want your cushion insert to fill the cover and take the corners to make them look gorgeous and luxurious, use an insert that that is bigger than the cover.

Our recommendation is:

  • Use a cushion insert that is 5-6 cm or 2" larger than the cover for squared cushion case

  • Use a cushion insert of 2-3 cm or 1" bigger than the cushion case

  • We offer the following:

  • Cushion inserts of 56 x 56 cm/22” for our square cushion cases (50 cm/20”)

  • 41 x 51 cm for our rectangular cover cases which have the size of 38 x 48 cm

The Material

Cushion cases are available in different fabrics. Those that are made of natural fibres are made of linen, cotton, wool, jute, leather, and silk. On the other hand, we have different types of inserts, which are:

  • Cushion inserts made from polyester. They are lightweight, easy to clean and do not lose their shape. You can find them in different densities and the more expensive they are the more they mimic the feel and the look

  • Cushion inserts made from feather and down is another type that makes you feel comfortable and cosy whenever you are in an interior setting

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