Choosing The Right Cushion Covers

When used correctly, upholstered cushions are a wonderfully simple way to add depth and character to your home and compliment your individual style.

A sofa with vibrant cushion covers can instantly brighten a dull room; subtly patterned upholstery can add a stylish accent to an otherwise neutral interior.

Our Bespoke Foam Cushions and Covers

Upholstery often takes up a large portion of a living space, which can impact on the overall style and energy of the room. Over time, covers can become worn and the cushions themselves can lose their structural integrity. If your upholstery is in need of a refresh, head straight to our online store today and find the perfect covers for your home. We recommend foam cushions as these last much longer than stuffed cushions and maintain their shape. Whether you are re-covering your existing cushions, or opting for a complete makeover with foam cushion covers, we have plenty of designs and fabrics in store, so you’re bound to find the cover that’s right for you. Our bespoke service means that our cushions are made-to-order and we also make decorative cushions to compliment your upholstery.

We have put together the following useful guide to help you decide on the right cushion cover design for your home.

Choose a colour scheme

A great place to start is with colours you are naturally drawn to. Try referring to a good old-fashioned colour wheel and note down the colours that initially grab your attention. This can tell you a lot about the colours that resonate with you the most. You can also search for colour palettes on the internet or Pinterest and select one or two that appeal to you. Ideally, the colour palette will contain at least one colour from your existing furniture, walls or carpet. Consider contrasting block colours with patterns, as this can be pleasing on the eye.

Experiment with texture

Once you have decided on an appropriate colour scheme, you can then have a play around with textures and fabrics. Do you like soft, crisp, silky or bobbly? Do you like a particular type of weave like coarse tartan, or smooth satin, for example? Cultural influence may play a role in your life. Have you lived, worked or travelled overseas? Perhaps you fell in love with the rich colours of the textiles in a bazaar in the Middle East, or maybe you are interested in the history of the Aztecs and take inspiration from their geometric patterns. We have something to suit all tastes from subdued minimalism to loud and lavish!