Choosing Sofa Seat Covers

Do you have a sofa that needs an upgrade? Perhaps you still love the shape and size of the sofa, but you know it needs a fresh new look.

Whether it’s just dingy or it’s outdated, you probably just want something that looks cleaner and newer without spending a lot of money. That’s when sofa seat covers become such a great idea.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Choosing Material

There are loads of styles, fabrics and colours to choose from when selecting new sofa seat covers. Before you make a final decision, think about the use and function of your sofa. Is it in a room that gets a lot of use? Do you have children or pets? Is it near a window? In these cases, you want a sturdy fabric that withstands fading and constant use. If the sofa is more of a decorative piece, you can get away with lighter and more delicate fabrics. The experts at Foam and Covers can help you find the right option for your sofa.

Cosmetic Changes

Keep in mind that sofa seat covers will only change the look of your sofa. They are a great way to give it a face lift and bit of new life, but they won’t add stability or repair damage to the cushions. If all you need is a cosmetic change, sofa seat covers are a great option. If you need repairs, they should be done before having the cushions covered.

Style of the Room

While you may love many different styles and patterns of material for your seat covers, consider the rest of the room when making your decision. You want the new look of your sofa to blend into the rest of the space rather than standing out and looking garish. It’s a good idea to bring some samples in and see how they’ll look before you make a final decision. You’d hate to spend the money and then find out the new sofa doesn’t look right in the room.

Consider Your Budget

Chances are you have a budget that dictates how much you can spend on your sofa seat covers. Keep this in mind when you start looking for material so that you are able to get a look you love without spending more than you are comfortable with. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in all price points so you should have no trouble finding exactly what you