Choosing Outdoor Cushions & Covers

Get Ready For The Great Outdoors

Outdoor Living

Whether you have a large suburban garden or a small back yard in the City, your outdoor space is vital to the enjoyment of your home.

More than ever, people are turning their outdoor spaces into living areas where they can eat, drink or just relax. It is a place where you invite friends for a party and a barbecue.

Furniture is a vital element to outdoor living, just as it is to living indoors but the big difference is that outside your furniture is open to the weather, and whilst wood and ironwork can be protected, special consideration needs to be given to the soft furnishings

Spring is just around the corner

Any keen gardener knows that at this time of year the work doesn’t stop just because the grass and plant life remain dormant. However, it’s not all about vegetation. The garden furniture may well be covered up for the winter but Spring is not that far away and now is the time to be thinking about bringing new life into your outdoor space. Wooden furniture may need a coat of stain, ironwork a lick of paint, but the best way to really spruce up that garden is to add a splash of colour with your soft furnishings.

Colours and Patterns

Colours and patterns should complement the surroundings. In the leafy suburbs, consider something like mango and lime. In a walled back yard, stripes work well. Navy or black on white is particularly popular at the moment. A stripy pillow for a bench seat would look great against a white painted brick wall.


For materials, consider the fact that your soft furnishings are going to be out there (hopefully) in brilliant sunlight for days on end. Well we can all dream can’t we, but if the summer of 2018 is going to be a more regular occurrence then you will want fabrics that don’t fade. Of course,