Benefits of Memory Foam Seat Cushions

With more people spending most of their time behind office chairs than before, the need to have proper cushioning should not be overlooked.

Notice that sitting for long periods has been linked to major health problems and even death. If you sit for long periods, protect your body by choosing a comfortable memory foam cushion for your seat.

Body-Hugging Support

The most notable benefit of memory foam is its ability to relieve the back of too much pressure by giving body-hugging support. While most people are not aware of it, seat cushions take away the tailbone load. This ensures that back strains are minimal, which imparts a positive boost on the spine.

Initially developed by NASA in the 1960s, memory foam was introduced as a safety precaution in aircraft. Used as an office chair element, memory foam supports the vertebrae and spine thereby, decreasing pressure. It is ideal for people who sit for long periods and those with back problems.

Temperature Regulation

Trying to work in an office that is too cold or uncomfortably hot can be extremely difficult. Memory foam has a combination of polyurethane and other additives, allowing the seat to adjust to comfortable temperatures. Memory foam seats tend to retain more heat and conform to the shape of the body no matter the angle that the user shifts.


Typical seats cause body compression, restricting the flow of blood to the pelvis, back and legs. It means your muscles and tissue are not completely able to get enough oxygen supply. This causes these organs to have a hard time getting rid of metabolic waste.

It can cause your body to ache and feel tired. Your heart also gets to work harder to pump blood around the body thereby, compromising your cardiovascular health. Because a memory foam cushion conforms to your body, it does the complete opposite. With enhanced circulation and little pain, you get minimal distracted at work and feel quite energised.


Memory foam cushions are very small, meaning you can carry them everywhere you go. They can be carried easily, so you can alternate using the seat at work and home. Also, the material is durable. It can last long and stay in great shape.

Not only does memory foam come to you with tons of health benefits, but the cost is also attractive. Because regular chairs squeeze hips, maligning the pelvis and spine, investing in a comfortable seat is highly advisable.

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