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Memory Foam Cushion

Cushion Fillers

With comfort and health benefits, these cushions have become popular. At Foam and Covers, we offer quality memory foam cut to size. We can make you custom cushions according to your specifications, shape and size.

You can also choose the different colours of fabric that you need or even just one uniform colour and leave it to our talented team to do the rest.We have professionals who are really skilled in customising your bespoke cushion and they will do all the hand-cut works as per your instructions, sew, finish and even add some tufting to give them an old-world charm.

For any inquiries regarding our range of memory foam cushion products please call us at Foam and Covers on 0161 327 0121 or email

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Why you Need Memory Foam Cushions

Most of us spend time sitting either in the office or at home. The importance of good cushioning of seats, both at home and in the office should not be underestimated. It contributes to a person’s well being, body and mood. Sitting for long periods can cause a variety of health issues, but people can never stop sitting. Therefore, if you have to use a chair, it is good to protect your body.

If your seat cushions are worn out, you do not need to replace the whole seat. You can get memory foam cushions from Foam & Covers. You will get memory foam cut to size. Below are some benefits of these cushions.


These cushions give your back and tail bone the support that you need while seated. This important if you seat for long hours. If you have problems sitting for more than an hour or two, you can easily sit for long hours using a memory foam cushion. They help in decreasing pressure on the back while you are seated. It is advisable to switch between sitting and standing to relieve your back. However, if you cannot get room for standing while at work, this type of cushions will help relieve pressure off your back.

Temperature Regulation

Memory foam is made up of polyurethane with some additives. These additives allow the seat to adjust to your body temperature. As result, the seats with memory form retain more heat and can conform to the shape of your body. You are sure of staying warm and cosy when it is cold.


Memory foam is a durable material. These cushions last long without wearing out, saving you money while enjoying a long healthy life.


They are the most comfortable seat cushions. This comfort helps the tailbone to remain healthy for long. Sitting exposes the spine to problems, but these cushions pacify much of the risk.


The memory foam makes the cushions resistant to dust mites and other allergens. It is a great cushion if you are easily irritated by debris and dust.


You can have these cushions cut to size of your choice. You can get cushions that you can carry from one place to another. You can use them in the office, in your car and any other place that you might need to seat.