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Large Cushions

Cushion Fillers

A great component that makes up cushions is the cushion filler which consists of polyester, foam, feathers or a combination of the three. As Foam and Covers, we are able to provide you with the best cushions well filled with our high-quality cushion fillers to add to your purpose of having a large cushion.

All of our products such as foams and large cushions are made of high-quality fabric to add to its durability. Our clients have a choice between purchasing ready-made or custom made cushion and which can be made in different shapes and sizes all at amazing prices.

Large cushions have numerous uses when used in a particular setting which may be a home, campervan or a boat. They add more beauty to a place as well as providing support. Foam and Covers has the ability to provide the best cushions in whatever quantities that you may need indoor or outdoor cushions all with high quality cushion fillers. We strive to perform our work diligently to give you quality large cushions in the market.

Large Cushion

Why You Should Choose Large Cushions

Cushions are used to soften a hard surface such as a seat or the ground. They come in different sizes such as small, medium or large which are all available at Foam and Covers. Cushions add to the beauty of a home by providing a decorative look on the furniture. They can be used in various ways that include:

Ways to Us Large Cushions

Ground Seating

Large sofas can be used for ground seating in a home setting. They can be inside or outside the house. They allow social discussions to be held in a relaxed setting at home. Putting covers on your cushions adds to their beauty.

Use as Oriental Cushions

Large cushions are used to act as armrests in a seat. They are excellent for providing a comfortable sitting position. The cushions are adorned with decorative colours to add to the beauty of the seats in a living room, campervan or a boat.

Large Cushion for Kid Play

Large cushions with interesting shapes can be placed in an environment with kids for playing and having fun. This is due to their light weight which makes it possible for small kids to play with. They are easily portable and can easily be thrown around by kids.

Designer Cushion

Designer cushions are used to portray creative ideas. They usually have lace and appliques to add to their beauty. Designer cushions also serve for decorative purpose in a particular setting that they are placed in.

Cushions for Colour Contrast

Large cushions are used to add colours to a house setting. This is also necessary when you need to add a variety of colours in a setting, this blending of colours adds to the beauty of the house.

Use On Reading Chairs

Large cushions are good for back support when reading for pleasure and provide backrest especially when you need to recline. They allow a user to easily adjust their sitting position.