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Garden Seat Cushions

Bespoke Garden Seat Cushions for Comfort and Style

A Safe Haven

A garden can be a safe haven, a tranquil place to sit and sigh, exhaling the worries of the day. But for it to be a place of relaxation, it has to be comfortable.

Perching on a hard rockery, squatting on the damp grass or sitting on a solid bench doesn’t exactly shout “comfort”, does it?

Perhaps it’s time for some garden seat cushions. Cushions that are not only waterproof and hard wearing, but soft and attractive to the eye, dressed in aesthetically pleasing garden seat covers.

What better way to perk up your dated wooden bench than with bespoke cushions, or perhaps your new rattan seating area is too bland for your tastes? A bespoke sofa back. That’s what your garden desires, and needs.

Order your garden seat cushions right now. Call us on 0161 327 0121 or email

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Different Foam Types

Our foam garden seat cushions can be made to measure, so whether you need a corner seat or a single square cushion, you simply have to contact us with your specific dimensions and we’ll do the work for you.

We also have a range of different foam types on offer. Whether you require a simple foam, a memory foam or perhaps extra wadding, piping or buttons, your needs will be met.

Bespoke Cushions Covers

Like our made to measure foam cushions, Foam and Covers can also meet individual needs when it comes to garden seat covers. If you’re not sure want type of custom fabrics you want, then there’s no problem, as you can order a sample from us, completely free of charge.

Our range is practically limitless, with regards to colours, styles and fabric types. You can opt for a bright burgundy or a pastel green, or why not go for a striped cover to give your garden a nautical theme? We even house tartan, tweed and chenille, in an diverse range of colour choices.


Don't Delay

Here at Foam and Covers, we strive to provide exactly what you need, whether it be a weather resistant bench cushion or a boldly patterned sofa back. Don’t hesitate, take a look at our range online, but don’t forget to contact us if you don’t see the fabric you’re looking for. Our complete range is extensive and we may just have the perfect match for you!