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Indoor Bench Cushion

Bench Cushions

Bespoke Bench Cushions

Do you want to order a bespoke bench cushion? Well, that is what we specialise in. We walk with you step by step from the start when we lay down foam depending on the thickness you would wish it to have. On the top and bottom sides of the foam insert, we add a layer of Dacron which will add an extra 1” to the loft. The Dacron wrap provides an extra layer of moisture resistant material and also adds a smooth finish.

Indoor Bench Cushion

You can also choose the different colours of fabric that you need or even just one uniform colour and leave it to our talented team to do the rest. We have professionals who are really skilled in customising your bespoke cushion and they will do all the hand-cut works as per your instructions, sew, finish and even add some tufting to give them an old-world charm.

Choose Foam and Covers for a range of upholstery indoor bench cushion including custom made fabrics and foam products to ensure that your cushion will be stylish, resistant to tear and water resistant.

How is the bench cushion secured on the bench? We add Velcro Tab or even Ties depending on your choice on your cushion to help you achieve this. We can create a top and bottom side cording to give your cushion a tailored look and for easy removal, we add a YKK zipper.

Customised Bench Cushions

Get a bespoke bench cushion from Foam and Covers.

Benches come in different sizes, colours, and shapes. You can place them in any room inside your house, outdoors in the entryways or even in the playground. However, the lack of cushioning makes them dull and they lack the look and style you would like. So, why don’t you cushion them to add style and make them comfier? You can select from our store bench cushions with the material you like. We have them in all shapes and sizes.


Fabrics for Bench Seat Pads

Everything is done locally, including all the material we use for customising your chairs. Don’t forget to check out our fabrics page for instructions on how to clean each specific fabric used. In fact, these instructions will save you a lot of headaches when you are tidying up the indoor bench cushions.

So, don’t let your bench be a dull place to sit on, make it comfy and stylish with our bespoke cushions designed by you. Order your bench cushion right now. Call us on 0161 327 0121 or email